After dedicating ourselves to photography and videography for more than 6 years, we have decided it was time to launch our new company.


Now a registered Incorporate Boston business, Aperture Digital Media plans to become a leading small business in photography, videography and media. 


Our team consists of professional photographers, videographers and visual artists who believe it is most important to provide our customers with high quality videos and creative photos. Furthermore, we want to make every work that we create artistic, unique and memorable. We are all individuals who’ve experienced a wealth of International journeys. For that reason, we believe we can fully understand the needs of all of our clients, particularly our International clients.


We have no doubt that we can offer you the best photography and commercial videos in Boston but we also feel we can provide cutting edge signature art that has been created in cities all over the world including Hong Kong, Beijing, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, and many more.


Time goes quickly… we cannot bring it back, but we believe that our photography and videography is the best way to capture moments in time that you never want to forget and you always want to keep sacred. 


Helen Fang (Helen)

CEO / Photographer

My name is Helen, and I am the Photography Director and the makeup artist for the Aperture Digital Media Team. My passion for photography has span over a lifetime but I've been working as a professional photographer and digital media specialist for 6 years. 


After getting a bachelors degree in digital media, I moved to Boston, the City of Champions, to complete my Masters degree from Northeastern University. My professional experiences in this wonderful city have been numerous but I am really proud of my work with CHANEL.  


Eve Arnold an award winning photojournalist once said, "If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.” My soul purpose as a photographer is to help create a one of a kind experience to give our clients a connection that extends beyond a picture on a piece of paper. If you want that experience, we invite you to share your story with our Aperture DM Team.


Yuwei Huang

Marketing Manager & Makeup Artist

"It's important to do everything with passion and love. I'm so appreciate that I could to meet so many great talent people and get inspired by them. "

One of our earliest members, Yuwei's work provides the basic foundation for APDM.
She presents the business of APDM to all audience as well as research and outreach the new potential market in order to bring it to the family. By involving everything related to the market and operation, she constantly design the next new creative project. 
When not programming the projects, Yuwei can be found her special talent in the cosmetic industry as a makeup artist. She's specialized in fresh and flawless natural look to present the beauty of human nature. What's more, she's also skillful in all different kinds of party look and offering clients a great transform.


Event Planner

Hi, I am Annie. I was born and raised in Boston, MA. I specialize in communication and event planning.

Coming from a nursing background; my heart for helping and caring for others has never stopped. I believe that building a strong relationship and putting clients first is what separates us from the others. I will personally work with you every step of the way. I look forward to helping you cherish your special moments.








Yi Zhang

Public Relations

I am Yi Zhang, an out-going girl in our Aperture Digital Media public relations team. I am responsible for building and maintaining relationship with our current and potential clients as well as managing and updating information and engaging with users on social media sites. I am a person who is patient, adaptable and highly motivated. I believe that I could bring our company and clients a harmonious relationship. Hope we can work together, and I would like to show you my strong passion and sense of responsibility to the work and bring you a wonderful experience!






Photography is path of journey i took to enrich my own life and the ones that I encounters along the way. I definitely enjoy documenting a person's precious moments and milestone each one of them achieved. while very adaptive at utilizing nature light and various strobes technique, my most enjoyable shoots are portraits & family oriented sessions. My biggest emotional reward from taking photos is to make people look their very best, feel good about themselves from inside and out. These are the experience and values that I believe will have the most lasting appeals.






Fan Song

Technician / Photographer

Hi, I’m Fan, recently got Master of Science degree from Northeastern University. I’m the technician and photographer at Aperture Digital Media.

Photography has been my best hobby for 10 years, and I am still practicing. I really appreciate Louis Fabian Bachrach’s description of business photography “In the business of portrait photography, one must combine the artist and the craftsman.”

Creative thinking and shooting like an artist, and carve details of digital image. Now it is digital media era. Photography work is not only require traditional skills, but advanced editing technology for re-creation. The study of engineering cultivates my preciseness and innovation, which leads me thinking different in my works.



Changyue Wang


We, as human beings, are subconsciously mixing our subjective personal experiences with objective visual images that were captured by our eyes. In fact, I personally tend to view each individual with more subjective opinions by previous experiences, even just for a moment. With impressions of each individual’s talking and interacting, I would create a fantasy persona with personalities and characteristics that you have already demonstrated. Therefore, every time I take a photograph or choose the photographs for further post production, I tend to choose those with aspects that are more fulfilled with the kind of persona in my head or the perception that I think it should be. In another word, to narrative my photographs is my primary goal. After all, my strength of visual summarizing and perception revamping enables me of being an excellent executer, to actually pick up the camera and direct any photo shot when necessary, yet it also allows me to be an marketing strategist so that I can apply my creativity and insights in an macro-level.

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