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After dedicating ourselves to photography and videography for more than 10 years, we have decided it was time to launch our new company.


Now a registered Incorporate Boston business, Aperture Digital Media plans to become a leading small business in photography, videography and media. 


Our team consists of professional photographers, videographers and visual artists who believe it is most important to provide our customers with high quality videos and creative photos. Furthermore, we want to make every work that we create artistic, unique and memorable. We are all individuals who’ve experienced a wealth of International journeys. For that reason, we believe we can fully understand the needs of all of our clients, particularly our International clients.


We have no doubt that we can offer you the best photography and commercial videos in Boston but we also feel we can provide cutting edge signature art that has been created in cities all over the world including Hong Kong, Beijing, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, and many more.


Time goes quickly… we cannot bring it back, but we believe that our photography and videography is the best way to capture moments in time that you never want to forget and you always want to keep sacred. 

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